F1 GP World Championship

The thrill of a GP seen and heard live is indescribable! Even if you’re not passionate about Formula 1, you can be sure that you will live the race with great attention and with so much adrenaline. A car with a speed of over 300 Km/h, the roar of its engine, the frenetic activity of the box, fans cheering their favorite, unforgettable! We organize events for all GPs with a particular specialization in the European locations and São Paulo (Brasil) where we have a local office.
  • For optimal participation in the event we recommended this basic program:

    • Day 1: arrive at destination
    • Day 2: access to circuit for official practice
    • Day 3: access to circuit for official practice
    • Day 4: watch the race of Formula1 GP
    • Day 5: start tour
    • Day 6: tour
    • Day 7: tour
    • Day 8: tour
    • Day 9: departure to return

    Our program will include access to Formula1 GP, local land transfers (train or rental car) and hotels for your stay. Excluded flights, but we can take action to include them.  We have also added a few days of tours to take advantage of the trip and enjoy the surroundings.

    For further information and details info@europaeasy.com

    For fans who prefer to organize themselves, we offer the best tools, partners and prices directly in the event topic, just visit and do it right now!